My Guess? More pictures of trees

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Yep. That is undeveloped film

Most long-time readers will know all too well the journey and challenge that has been the archives of John Olmsted.

Today I stopped procastinating and decided to address the box of undeveloped film shown above - the box I'd been avoiding for oh maybe twelve years. It was for no particular reason that I'd been avoiding it, other than of course the number of rolls, and the difficulty of film developing in this modern world.

And possibly the memory of where this journey started (below):

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Yes. That is the room of the house I chose to place all the various boxes of film and slides and slide trays and cameras and camera bags and camera equipment in at Lost Ranch Way, Nevada City CA.


You probably understand why I was there for ten months.

(and yes I suppose I should enjoy the feeling of accomplishment evident by these before and after photos before going forward shouldn't I?)



In his college and early professional days was a very competent photographer, though opting more for documentation rather than composition or lighting that we would call fine art.

Not that these slide-splits aren't enjoyable:

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However in the later chapter of his life, and with the relative inexpensive nature of disposable cameras and speedy processing, he got a little trigger happy.

In short, he took way too many pictures of trees.


I turned in the disposable cameras first (8 of them) today to my local Wal-Mart. Not normally a place I frequent but these days who the heck develops film?

So stay tuned and get ready for the trees.

Or pictures of the Yuba.

Or - there's always that chance of a mysterious surprise.

We shall see.

To Be Continued. . .