I've Got Questions




I have at least sixteen posts started but not finished - from one sentence to a couple paragraphs. Thoughts and musings that in the past would have been fleshed out and spread as far as my small audience ripples travel.

Just not right now.

Yes - I'm preoccupied with my two jobs - as a project manager and caregiver - but mostly I'm preoccupied just enjoying seeing mom get back to her pre-valley self. Nothing against California's central valley, but her 12 years there (outside of the joy of getting remarried) were not life enhancing or culturally stimulating in any measurable way.

To see her making new friends (at 82), still encouraging people, still praying for others' illnesses and challenges, is to see a life well-lived, and how to not phone in the last chapter.

This will be one of my favorite pictures from this season - mom and I at my good friend Costi's eldest son's graduation party last Saturday:

broken image

For many reasons it's a favorite, but mostly because I love that moms' more interested in the dancing happening out of view than of her own photo or appearance.

And yes also since it shows how far two childhood friends have come:

broken image

Age 51 vs. age 10. yowza.


I do

Have a teeny back-to-normal side project as of late, as I'm being roped in to *possibly* help promote and market a new bike trail repurposed from a historic rail line, stretching from Sausalito to Cazadero. The old North Coast Pacific rail-route would be a world-class trail through gorgeous parts of both Marin and Sonoma Counties - here's Rick Coates standing on the old line along Tomales Bay.

broken image

And my early sketch of a logo:

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The project may be too large for me at this time, but it's certainly an awesome idea and a trail I'd love to see come true.


What are these questions I speak of?

Well, though my curiousity and wanderlust are both at low points (for the above-mentioned reasons), I'd still really like to know where everyone's at, post-pandemic, post-everything from the last few years.

If you have a moment can you please answer any or all of my four simple questions:

  1. How are you doing? (pls only answer if you can be honest)
  2. How is your community health? (ie, are you back to "normal" regarding social life/ opportunities to connect?)
  3. What are you currently most looking forward to?
  4. What's one question you would ask right now if you knew you'd get the actual answer?

These answers will not be shared using any names, rather they will help me regain my curiosity and possibly help dictate topics and writing direction in the near future.

Plus I just really want to know - so there's that :)

You can answer below in the comments or send replies to me direct here.

Much thanks and enjoy the weekend - we've got cherries to pick and then salmon to grill -

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Sometimes the simple things are more than enough.

Cheers ::