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Homestead Film just got real

Worlds collide

As some of you have read and heard, a feature documentary about my BMX company Homestead Bicycles is in the pre-production stage and really coming together. The first moment of excitement and delayed validation came Friday night in Encinitas when I was able to finally meet Freestyle BMX legend and my design mentor, Bob Haro.

Bob was speaking on the creation process at Nixon's stylish HQ in Encinitas and drew a more than decent crowd. Basically a short history of BMX, Freestyle, BMX Action magazine, and his exploits as among other things, a stunt rider in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

I met lots of great people, like minded and even a few who had no idea who this regular-looking guy was and why he's the godfather of BMX Freestyle. Afterwards I met with Bob and yes pulled out the letter I'd saved over the years - the letter that I wrote to him before dropping out of college in 1990. The letter that rocked my impressionable 18-year old self to the point of launching me on a completely different life path than if I'd have stayed and finished college.

Lights. Camera. Action

This is the first time that I've got a team, not just me, and I'm trying to ride this wave and tell a story about a guy who followed his heart, though difficult, and may have to come to grips with the fact that it wasn't a complete failure. There's going to be some good layers in this and I can already tell it will be special.

We'll be shooting footage for a trailer in October so stay tuned. The best way to follow is right here at and on Instagram at @aldenolms.

I hope to see many of you out on the road, searching for the original 30 Homestead bikes, who bought them and why, and what does it all mean.

Time to get stoked.

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