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A trailer for Christmas

Have you been good?

Sensitive ponytail man, circa 1995

A long ride

Well folks, we're almost there. Close friends and family know how long this journey has been, though I suppose only God really knows. From the beginnings of bike company sketches on my Trapper Keeper (the first name was "AE Designs" - Alden Enterprises) through flying to Tennessee and meeting the Cyclecraft crew and eating cereal with Brian Foster at midnite, to registering a dba as Homestead Bicycles, to finding Neal S. and offering him a low budget sponsorship deal, to meeting Ken at Camp May-Mac and giving the company one final push before folding in 1995, to receiving an email in 2012 that a random Homestead frame had popped up at a yard sale in eastern Tennessee, to meeting the brother's Flint and embarking on my fourth film, through the editing and scrambling to gather old photos, to this day.

Only those who have done it know what a movie really takes, and but even the uninterested can probably tell that it's more hours and hard drives and set ups and quick food stops than most want to undertake. $13 for a movie ticket? Feeding the crew is at least half of that.

The brothers performed though and little by little the story began to take shape in front of us. From meeting Homestead riders I'd never met to friends I hadn't seen in 25 years it has been a very Cameron Crowe-ish journey... all bathed in 90's nostalgia.

The pursuit of joyous expression

A broken fence and some ratty plywood was one of our many jumps back in the day, and as I look at this picture two things may have been harbingers of things to come - first, the pulling from whatever we could in order to create, and secondly the tongue reminds me that we didn't care how we looked, we didn't care about risk, we just wanted to soar.

Trailer coming Christmas day -

- thank you for your support



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