Uncertainty? Bring it on.

And a cute red head in an old truck

How many hours. How many days. How many late night sessions, road trip windshield marathon miles spent - thinking about the future during my formative years?

Where I'd be. What I'd be doing. Who I'd be doing it with. I've mostly lived in the present but I think we all wonder what life will hold tomorrow, next month, next year, after we finish __________, graduate from ___________, or move to ___________.

You and everyone else

I love it when people - oftentimes at a Bible study or group talking thing, say "I have this thing, where I just like to know what's going to happen you know? It's hard for me to trust someone - God - the universe - to unfold it for me, I need to control." Really? YOU struggle with wanting to control your life and its events?

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You and the rest of the world sweetheart.

What if you actually GOT a chance to argue your fate tho? To stand in front of God as Job, or in front of Zeus and his posse on Mount Olympus as Jason did in the classic Jason and Argonauts?

Would you say let me kill the Medusa? Let me journey after the Golden Fleece? Let me take on the Kraken? Or what about the most timeless of all fate and destiny questions -

will you just let me be...



Crossroads can mean many things. A slow moving 80's movie starring a post-Karate Kid Ralph Macchio as a guitar slinging prodigy.

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An even worse 2000's movie starring a pre-head-shaven Britney Spears.

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Or the classic image of Robert Johnson in the Mississippi delta selling his soul with the dark one in exchange for world-class guitar mastery at.. the crossroads.

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I'd wager Mr. Johnson had already made his decision.

The unknown doesn't exist

But of course the true crossroad doesn't usually exist does it? We usually are familiar with at least one if not two of the directions - and maybe the four would be summed up as:

1. The safe choice

2. The wild or fun choice

3. The scary choice

4. The true unknown choice.

But what if you could actually have a completely fresh, unbiased crossroad decision moment. Would you accept it? What would you base your choice on? "I've always loved the idea of going North.." or "South dude, always head South.." West has a definite perception as far as journeys are concerned - at least in America. As do the South and the East. But of course we're speaking of extremes - THE west, or THE South, or the "east coast" - all these conjure up clear images of what life and people may be like in those respective areas. So let's return to mr. Banks... er Hanks.

Cast out

Tom has just returned from a serious relationship with a volleyball for I think about four years right? On a desert island with nothing but the wind and the sound of dropping coconuts. Talk about a blank space baby, he really has gone through what most people will never get - a true and clean fresh start. No home, no past, no responsibilities, no paperwork.. Almost a witness protection program really.

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But of course it's the movies so... there's a girl.

And not just any girl. A cute Texas girl. With a cool old truck. And a dog. And a welder ??!

And those wings.

D*mn you Hollywood!

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In Tolkien's classic The Lord of The Rings, Gandalf, leading the fellowship deep in the mines of Moria, is faced with three classic choices, down, middle, and up, and ends up choosing based on "the air doesn't smell as foul in this one.."

Good advice.

Wizards and everymen

So Tom's at a crossroads, Gandalf has the fate of middle earth resting on his let's make a deal decision, and me?

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Well I have a movie to finish. A clear purpose. Three more interviews to shoot. A country to traverse and an old business associate to track down. Someone I gave my life savings to when I was 19 in hopes it would launch my new bike company. 


That will take two weeks. It's possible somewhere around May 1st of this year I will be not too far from Tom's corner, with no idea of where to go.

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West? Been there all my life. East? I loved Nashville but didn't find roots and the original friends who convinced me to move there are gone. North? South? Across the pond?

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The crazy part?

I can't wait. There's no good, legitimate reason I should have peace about it except that I do. Not only peace but excitement.

But the film still needs to be edited right? Yes.

How will you pay for that? Don't know.

Where will you live while Kevin's working on it? No idea.

What about music? Sound mixing? Movie poster? Distribution?

No idea,

no idea,

no idea,

no idea.

I'd like to think over these past seven years since Dad's passing I've gotten a little bit o' wisdom and so if life is about risk, about ups and downs and pain and joy and success and failure and rainbows and canyons, mountain storms and desert winds, breakdowns and break ups,

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If life is meant to be lived, with all its uncertainty and unknowns... if it's about showing up?

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I think I got that part down.