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Some might never understand

INT. Spanish style home in Los Angeles, mid-day


"But movies cost millions of dollars to make."

Robert K. Bowfinger
"That's after gross net deduction profit percentage deferment ten percent of the net.

Cash, every movie cost $2,184."

Oh if it were only true

You can probably already guess that statement is an extreme farce. Especially knowing that it came from the pen of Steve Martin and the mouth of Jamie Kennedy. When I was on set for Catch Me If You Can we had over 300 extras on more than a few days. Just sitting around. Doing crossword puzzles. Eating. Using the bathroom. Getting paid the whole time. Why do movies cost millions to make? That's why.

Those must be comfortable shoes

How can people miss this?? I understand different tastes, oh believe me I really do. Seven is an interesting film to look at but it's a little too.. ugh for me. Similarly I've never seen Titanic the whole way through. I know I know, it sinks.

Same goes for the current crop of superhero movies. I've got plenty of testosterone still going through me but not at the level of a 15 year old video-game obsessed male suburban kid, ie.. the target demographic for many of these Marvel and DC re-hashes. But hey, someone's doing alright pumping them out right?

I'm talking about Forrest. Forrest Gump.

The actual opening is "Hello. I'm Forrest Gump." Which is fine, but to me the movie starts with Forrest's first real interaction, after she declines his offer of chocolates (and because the 'life is like a box of chocolates' line was fun but let's be honest, we all felt it was a bit cliché).

To me the line that really sets this movie on a different track is

"Those must be comfortable shoes. I bet you could walk all day in shoes like that and not feel a thing.

I wish I had shoes like that."

And the nurse's answer -

"My feet hurt."



By the time of the Vietnam opening scene we knew we were watching a classic.

A perfect cliff-notes snapshot of American culture over the last 40-something years. And it NAILED it.

And yet.

Some people didn't get it.

I'm serious.


I know because I know some of them. I've had "discussions" with them. Debates. Arguments.

Have you ever

Shared your dream? Before you took the first step?

A pretty dangerous operation.

Dreams that is.


I should know.

When I stepped out of comfort and shrugged off college - see that shrug - that's the look of someone who's not only stepping away from comfort, but bringing other people with him.  See mom's face, neither of us are acting.

But I was determined. And though many didn't understand why I would walk away from a decent college experience to start a BMX bicycle company, once the bikes came out everything changed.

Dude that's SO cool!


They were all on board.

Much like the disapproving parents when a hasty or young wedding is announced, who change their tune pretty quickly once the grandkids show up.

Ask just don't tell

If someone would've tried to tell me the plot of Forrest Gump before I saw it I can almost guarantee I would not have watched it. At the least my experience would surely have been clouded by preconceived notions which would have been not at all accurate. He's a country bumpkin? Is he retarded? He starts a shrimping business or plays ping pong - which is it already?? He meets the president, views racism and war protests as a child but becomes a father?

I don't understand.

Just like there's no way I would have believed if you would have told me when I was nineteen what would happen when I said, to whoever was listening "I want to make bikes, I think I've got a cool design that people are going to love."

And that I'd find one of my original bikes on a website (what the heck was a website?!) in the future of 2012, ride bikes with my heroes Eddie Fiola and Martin Aparijo, and yes even Bill "Cru Jones" Allen from RAD, then track down the bikes I'd made, find two filmmakers to follow me, and end up right back where I started at Joe Martino's house in East Tennessee.

And that my story would turn into a movie.

Nope wouldn't have believed you.

Have a dream?


Don't tell me about it.




Just go for it.

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