Relax man, you're due

Destroying the whole fabric

December 14, 2021 Santa Rosa, California 

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How much do I enjoy looking back?  


Probably too much for some.


But hey, after these last two years, I think I'm due.  In fact I think we are all due.

This will be short (yes I know I always say that).  But I'm in a new place.  a good place.  A Joshua Tree kind of place.

Ok fine not just metaphorically, I'm in Joshua Tree.

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 Passing through but ya know. . . 

When you're in Joshua Tree you do a lot of reflecting.  And looking at rocks.

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Which can be very enlightening, depending on ones' mindset and of course, the softness of the rocks.


Since my

last post here it's been:

  • 97 days
  • 17,000 air miles, and maybe 
  • 9,200 road miles.  

So yeah, I'm due for a break.  But under these beautiful stars and coming back into Los Angeles it seemed appropriate to write again, here at the edge of civilization, at the end of one of the oddest years-and-a-half of American life, and at the end of four huge accomplishments.

Let's just say it's a pretty mixed salad I'm looking at.

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 And now you're hungry.

*     *     *


Here's a quick recap - not to boast - more of an inventory of "creative life during a pandemic."

  1. Finished my first book, 'A Virus Ate My Movie!' (and got it published!)
  2. Secured distribution for my BMX documentary 30 Bikes - which is now on 

Amazon for rent or purchase (!!).

  1. Directed my fifth film '

A Wild Independence' - a documentary about my father John Olmsted's wheelchair nature trail fashioned out of an old mining ditch - a film which has been accepted into the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and The Oregon Documentary Film Festival - both in January.  And last but CERTAINLY not least:

  1. Produced the first new batch of my BMX brand Homestead Bicycles since 1991.  A serious accomplishment indeed.   


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*     *     *


There are a million analogies on focus, but the ancient-berber-rug analogy may be just the one for this moment.  

"The Master said, he who sets to work on a different strand destroys the whole fabric"

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Speaking of strands, I get it.

Focus has been my nemesis since almost day one.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was distracted by a bird outside the window while I was being breast fed.  Focus was a nemesis of my father too, though obviously he finished quite a bit as we know.  Cleaning out his house after he died though was in a sense like looking at my own shelves and drawers, filled with projects completed yes, but many more started and partially finished.

And that's not altogether a horrible thing.  Ideas are great.

The strands however are starting to appear closer to each other, different but related.  So even a quote like that - which previously may have caused a slight recoil inside now is a message which I receive and can see clearly enough to understand.  Without beating myself up.

*     *     *

So what now?  

How about nothing.

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As I move on - as we all do - from another odd year, I believe it's time for a break, time to deliberately NOT jump into the next project.  For me I'm going simpler - I'm focusing on just two activities for the foreseeable future:

  1. Enjoy and continue promoting these recent accomplishments - which I think I have earned, and
  2. Downsize and disconnect distractions BEFORE setting out on the next adventure.


A Wild Independence (2022) Directed by Alden Olmsted


Since I've completed my fifth film do I finally go all in on film endeavors, which entails a lot of fundraising but can be very rewarding?  Or do I take the bike reigns back - the ones I let go of in the mid-90's but which seem to be rising with the tide of nostalgia and appreciation for my unique story of Homestead?  

I believe either path is noble, both are extremely fulfilling, and both require faith, risk, and yes more funding and/ or investments.

*     *     *

I will be deactivating a few accounts as "focus" is my first focus so I'll be first downsizing, downgrading, condensing, and compressing, until I can get down to basics again, and grab the oars for whatever is next.

If you'd like to continue to follow you're in the right place.   Thank you for your support - and Merry Christmas to all ::

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– somewhere on the road, December 2021