Oops I started a podcast

At long last

Thanks to Dan C. and others who encouraged me and reminded me that I was talking about starting it a year ago. Ok maybe more.

My podcast is called '5 Great Questions' and it's an opportunity for me to record and share what I've already been doing in life - asking interesting questions to people and relishing the answers.

When will you be home?
Did you pick up the kids?
Did you remember to pay the ___ bill online?

These are necessary questions but let's face it - not very interesting.

Can you remember when the last time was you were asked a truly unique and interesting question? A question that made your brain scratch and stop like an old record needle and instantly grab your attention?

How did you feel before answering? If you were like me you may have paused before answering - just to soak in the positive vibes of receiving such a great question. Then you carefully considered your answer right? You may have felt your brain rejoicing as if exercising an old muscle, a slight strain but then a joyous desire to run full speed across an open, green field.

Intellectually speaking.

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If you can relate then you'll enjoy the podcast. Even if you can't I hope you'll give episode one a listen - it's a good one –

"How did you meet your spouse without a cell phone?"

My first guest is longtime friend and film collaborator Don Johnson. You can watch each episode on YT:

Or if you prefer your podcasts traditional it's up on all the usual suspects: Spotify | Apple | iHeart Radio | Google, etc..



I hope you'll give it a listen and I hope you'll share it – and YES I hope you'll subscribe!

Lastly if you'd like to participate in a future episode let me know.


Hope ya'll have a happy Friday and a great weekend –

And cheers from rainy but beautiful NorCal.


- Alden