Gotta have soul

Happy Fall friends and relations . .

Just a quick note to say hi and let ya'll know a fresh batch of T's and hoodies just arrived (available here), and 'Soul' hats are selling in person at Sebastopol Hardware – in beautiful West Sonoma County.

See the post and follow on IG @homesteadbicycles :

For the run of T's and Hoodies I found an old sketch I liked but had never put out, and combined it with a sweet stylin' shot of Homestead's only factory rider catching air back in the day. The 'Flyin' Neal' T is an ode to Homestead Factory Rider circa 1992-'94 - NorCal native Neal Skadden.

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I really think they turned out awesome – so I want to give all of you who have watched and enjoyed the film an early Christmas gift – Please use code 30BIKES at checkout and take 20% off any apparel order this fall.

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I appreciate all the messages that keep coming in as 30 Bikes makes its' way around the world. Hard to believe it's been almost five years (!!) since I hitched my wagon to the Flint Twins and hit the road to tell the story that would be my most rewarding so far. So glad I did.

Keep in touch.

Keep riding.

Stay rad.


– Alden


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