Bikes?? whaAAt??

It's true friends,

after a 33 year hiatus, in which a lot of life was lived, I am relaunching my original dream. Homestead Bikes.

The website looks great (I think) and you should check it out.

Since 30 Bikes, I've been searching for a fabrication shop, and although I did manage to make a batch of 24" cruisers right here in Sonoma Co., it wasn't at a price I could scale.

So I finally sucked it up and went overseas.

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Fortunately I didn't actually have to go overseas - a serendipitous meeting with a friend-of-a-friend meant a personal visit to the shop - by someone other than me.

!<< And I think the bikes turned out great >>!

So if you'd like to dive in with me on this journey, order a new Homestead 20" complete bike or frame + fork set today, and prepare for a late September delivery.

If you've got enough bikes, or like me these ones are just too small, hold on tight - I hope to be doing adult-sized bikes in '25.

If you're not in the market THAT'S OK - Sharing is caring so tell a friend - remember that bike movie you told your friends to watch, well the guy is making more bikes.

Complete bikes this time.

With soul.

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