A Virus Ate My Movie!

Well friends my book is done.

What a great feeling is that??!

The kicker?  I gotta sell 50 books to cover the layout costs and the first batch of printing.  

Can you help?

This is my most personal story yet - it's a great read (or gift) for anyone following their dreams, and wondering if they can make it.  

It's a story about growing up in a small town, following a crazy dream of starting a BMX bike company, failing, then finding out 25 years later it was all worth it.

Plus, I was a dishwasher and I made a movie - that's a story!

Here's what Save The Cat! CMO had to say after reading the rough manuscript:

"Alden has written a fun, thoughtful and educational Golden Fleece! This deeply personal and transformational journey leaves the reader compelled to reconnect with their own passion and delivers the educational tools to write their own life’s story."

-Jason Kolinsky, Save The Cat!

Wow thanks Jason - I'll take it.

Buy a copy today for yourself or the young dreamer in your life - just $15 helps me out and gets you a signed copy of this inspirational book.


Thank You!